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Ward off the Flu Naturally!

All Natural Flu Shot


It is officially Fall in Phoenix! While you are noticing a decrease in the temperature, unfortunately you are probably also noticing a decrease in your immune system. The cold and flu season is just starting to get into full swing. Give yourself the extra protection that you need with our all natural flu shot! Using a formula called Engystol, we can jumpstart your immune system to help you combat the flu at the onset, or help you get over it quicker.


How Does Engystol Help?

Engystol has been used for over 60 years in over 50 different countries. It helps by shortening the duration of infection and relieves common symptoms of influenza. It can be used for both treatment and prevention of illness by strengthening the immune system. It can also be used by pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children, as it does not yield a high risk for infection as the influenza vaccine does.


The Two Active Ingredients

Vincetoxicum hirundinaria:

Vincetoxicum hirundinaria is commonly known as Swallowort. The active ingredient comes from the seedpod of a plant that has been used for centuries for flu symptoms. It stimulates the immune response to a viral stimulus.



Sulfur is widely used homeopathically for the treatment of may conditions, including skin diseases, acute and chronic inflammation, and upset stomach.


How is it distributed?

The Drip Room offers Engystol as a shot, or as a drip in conjunction with our immunity drip. Try it as a shot for a quick boost, or in our immunity drip for a balanced method to ward off illness and help you to feel your best!