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Benefits of Oxygen Therapy

Take a deep breath…do you know what you are inhaling? Air is only around 21% oxygen, and in heavily polluted cities it can drop below 15%. Of all the organic elements, oxygen is the most crucial to the body. We would survive for only minutes without oxygen. It has been recorded that the atmosphere contains less oxygen today than ever before, meaning that the majority of us may have oxygen deficiency symptoms and not even realize it. The body requires tremendous amounts of oxygen. Just the brain alone, requires over 20 percent of the body’s oxygen needs. Oxygen is important in circulation, digestion and elimination and is responsible for purifying the blood. Adequate oxygen allows the body to recuperate during sleep, strengthening the immune system. Oxygen therapy can increase the level of oxygen in your blood. An increase in oxygen can improve memory and concentration, energy level and overall well being. If you are experiencing headaches, nausea, fatigue, or shortness of breath, you may benefit from oxygen therapy. Oxygen is often used for beauty and anti-aging purposes. It can help with symptoms of aging including facial wrinkles and lack of endurance.
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